Birth Certificate Completed

It’s official ! Our boys are named after the strongest men we know πŸ’™

I’m honored to carry on the legacy of my father in law , who is now an angel watching over us!! Peter James, mommy and daddy will teach you all about your papou and you will always know what a special man he was. He will be your guardian angel forever watching over you!

And my Maurice Jace. My strong fighter … you are named after your papa .. my daddy and my forever hero. He came to almost every dr visit.. watched you grow and even learned how to read your sonograms. He is our biggest supporter. Papa is our superhero .. there for us every single day and you are blessed to be named after such an incredible man!

My boys have already proven to have so many of the qualities of the men they are named after. The nurses have already labeled you both as the feisty ones .. you always let them know you are there and when you want something. I love hearing all of their stories when we are in the NICU. I love seeing your names written. Papa is so proud of you both and I know papou has been watching over us !

4 thoughts on “Birth Certificate Completed

  1. Roe Rizzi says:

    Beautifully said Lisa. Your guardian angel, your father in law is always watching over the boys and your amazing father who has the strength of the world will always be the best role model for the boys. He has his hands full now lol. Your beautiful family, your Mom and sister will always be there for you. I’m happy that you got to touch the boys and soon skin to skin. I’m still praying for those little guys and can’t wait to hug them soon. Stay strong Lisa. You have 4 little ones waiting for you! Lol omg you are one tough lady. Love you!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️


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