Day 2 : They Are No Longer Fighting TTTS .. They Are HEALING From it


“They are no longer fighting TTTS, they are healing from it.”

After 48 hours of close monitoring, 3-4 blood tests a day, Heart ultrasounds, chest X-rays, kidney and renal artery ultrasounds , brain ultrasounds and machines monitoring every breath and heart beat we are able to get a big picture on what the main issues are with Peter and Maurice.

The parents are allowed to attend rounds which happen twice a day.  The NICU team meets and reviews every detail and sets a plan for the day.  The team is beyond compare. The nurses are not only incredibly skilled but they also have made every effort to make me feel these boys belong to me.  They enourage questions  and teach me how to touch .  I’m blessed to have such care.  At night , they follow up on all the results and tests from the morning.  Going over this with the doctors allows me to ask questions and have some peace knowing their  status.

Basically, although premature, the main issues they face are not due to prematurity. The issues are secondary to the damage from twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

My “ donor” twin Maurice was giving everything to his brother Peter.  All the nutrients blood and fluid went to his twin.  He has struggled with growth from day 1.  This caused a tremendous amount of stress on his heart and even some damage.  He had high troponin levels at birth which are a sign of injury to heart muscle.  His heart function on his first echo showed a mild to moderate decrease.  Because he had so much stress on his body and his heart cold not function correctly, his kidneys could not get the blood flow they needed to function properly.  In utero he was unable to produce urine and once outside the problem continued.  The first day he made no urine. The body is very smart. It pushes blood to where you need it most. His weak heart sent the majority of his blood to his brain and lungs,  the organs that are most critical.  The secondary organs like the kidney and liver suffered from decreased perfusion.  He was started on Dobutamine and Dopamine to help his cardiac and renal perfusion .  48 hours later his repeat echo showed improved cardiac function and he is making urine on his own! His medication is stopped and he is now only on caffeine which is used in all preemies becuase they sometimes “get tired and forget to breathe”.  His kidney function and cardiac function is still  not perfect but we are trending in the right direction.  We are also having some issues balancing electrolytes but the team feels this too will resolve with close monitoring and adjusting .  His sodium is the main issue because if it drops too low he is at risk for a seizure.  It seems to have gotten a little better from this morning and they are watching very closely.  He is also jaundice from too much bilirubin but this as well is a common issue in preemies and with phototherapy should improve.

Peter is our “recipient” twin.  He was receiving too much blood and fluid and suffered from volume overload.  The heart is a muscle and the increased volume made the heart have to work much harder than normal.  Like any muscle , when it works hard it starts to grow or thicken.  He now has left ventricular hypertrophy or an “enlarged heart.”  The enlargement is causing an outflow obstruction and making it difficult for the blood to perfuse other organs.  Again, like in Maurice, the body is smart and pushes blood to the heart, lungs and brain first.  Just like his twin, the first organ to show signs of decreased blood flow is the kidneys.  His kidney function is decreased however it seems to be improving.  He also is having some issues with electrolyte embalances but tonight his sodium issue resolved and this is a big step.  He does have jaundice too and is under lights to help his body break down the bilirubin.

The good news is that they both no longer are fighting against ttts.  Peter’s heart no longer has to pump this tremendous overload of fluid and Maurice is no longer forced to have such a strain on his.  They are in an environment where they are getting the support their little bodies need to heal and repair. The heart is already showing some signs of improvement and although the kidneys are usually the first to show signs of damage.. they are the quickest to heal!

Today we we had some victories… Maurice is off of Dopamine and Dobutamine and is making urine with an improved heart function and for Peter his sodium normalized and his feet and body are nice and pink with no signs of perfusion defects.  ( it was very scary to watch them turn blue.) I am even a little stronger today and walked back from the NICU instead of sitting in the wheelchair.

Everyday we will have ups and downs .. today I’m so thankful for the ups 👍🏻 I was able to blow them kisses and touch their tiny hands before I left them to come back to my room to go to bed.. my heart aches for them already .. dream sweet dreams my boys 💙 mommy loves you and is so proud of you 💙

6 thoughts on “Day 2 : They Are No Longer Fighting TTTS .. They Are HEALING From it

  1. Roe says:

    Oh Lisa you are such a strong wonderful mother. It must of felt great to hold their little fingers and I’m sure they both knew it was you. They are fighters!!! Glad to hear they are getting better each day. Thank you for letting us all know their wonderful progress. Luv to all especially those beautiful handsome boys. We will continue to pray for all of you. ❤️❤️🙏


  2. Patricia Escudero says:

    Yes Lisa, you are very strong and your sons take after you…With all the prayers going their way, it will take time, but I truly believe they will be in your arms real soon..


  3. Gillian says:

    Lisa.. although I have only met you once.. I have been following your story. You are truly an inspiration ! I am a mom of twins.. they are 9 now.. I cannot even imagine what u must be feeling.. thinking.. fearing.. but you are channeling all your emotions into writing this blog to make others aware . I have been praying for you and your miracle babies and praying for the strength for you and your family to go through this . It sounds like you have amazing doctors and amazing friends and family by your side. I will continue to follow the brave.. strong.. courageous journey of your 2 little blessings.. and I will continue my prayers for you and your family and your Maurice and Peter. 💙💙 🙏🙏🙏


    • miagirlxo says:

      Gillian thank you so so much … I’m dreaming of life at 9 years old.. I’m sure it’s hectic and crazy and just as messy and beautiful as I can imagine!! Your words are so supportive and your prayers are appreciated more than you know!!! With all my heart, from one twin mom to another, thank you xoxo


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