Day 21: 3 weeks

We started off with a good day. Maurice gained weight and is now so close to 2 pounds ( 1lb 15.6 oz) . He is tolerating 26 calories so far with no issues. Peter has me a little concerned today. (They take turns) His heart rate seems to be about 15-20 beats above what his normal baseline usually is for the past few days. When I asked to see his blood work I was surprised to see his last WBC count was about 2x higher than it normally is.. in the 20’s. He also had high platelets. I was even more upset because this was not discussed at all during rounds for the past couple of days. I had always asked to see the blood tests but recently I was told everything is ok and I stopped asking to see them. I asked to speak to the doctor and she said it could just be his bone marrow working ..she showed no concern at all but agreed to recheck it. A high wbc can be a sign of infection and given the lump on the back of his head.. I am very concerned. The lump has not changed and again no one seems to want to do anything other than just “wait and see.” They are just watching and refused to even call dermatology. Obviously abnormal blood tests, a fast heart rate and a lump that no one can really explain is all adding up to a very very concerned mama. Today they are rechecking his blood panel and hopefully will know more soon.

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