Day 39 & 40: Cousins


James holding Maurice and mommy holding Peter




Each morning is the same. The girls have a perfect internal alarm clock set to 6:30 am… it never fails. As the sun starts to peek into our room, they wake up.

Mia rushes into our bed and Jules is already cuddling close next to us (because she never left). We start our a.m. routine and the girls move the curtains from our window. “Mommy, are we going to see Mikey, Nickey and Leo today?” Mia always asks as she looks directly out to auntie’s house. We live across the street and have a perfect view.

Almost everyday the answer is yes. Even if it is just for a few minutes.. most days are spent with “our boys” and it gives me so much joy.

My childhood was not much different. Our grandmother and her two sisters all lived within steps of each other. Years later, their children (my father included) purchased homes on the same street. Growing up, I was always surrounded by family. My cousins were my first and very best friends.

For our children. cousin time is not only reversed for holiday parties and formal get togethers. Cousin time means much more.. it’s late night pool parties, early morning breakfasts, spur of the moment drop ins, movie nights, baking parties and the list goes on.. Our best life happens during these unplanned moments. Being with our cousins is part of our everyday .. no different than having a few more siblings.

It’s a beautiful story of two families interlaced together. Juliet and Leo will start school together in September..their first day walking in side by side. Mia is also starting a new school and her Mikey and Nicky will be there to look out for her. They go to camp as one little tribe. They will play on the same sports teams and have many of the same friends. One day, they too will start a family and I pray will choose to do it close to each other. They are brothers and sisters.. they will tease, annoy and love like no other. They will be each others biggest supporters and most genuine friends. They are creating a bond based on unconditional love .. the kind only family can give.

It means I get to have my super woman sister and family by my side.. people who love my girls like their own.. people who know how to calm a breakdown many times quicker than I can.. people who can understand and never judge.

Today we celebrated one of the 3 new babies joining our family in the next few months. The kids all wore shirts ( made by auntie of course) that read, “cousins make the best friends.” Little do they know .. as they play .. fight .. hug.. and repeat.. that they are making memories that will go far beyond these childhood years. That they are growing an unbreakable bond.

I couldn’t help but picture Maurice and Peter today.. what will it be like when they are able to run around with their cousins? It’s so hard right now.. they are here.. but at the same time they are not. James and I were able to spend quality time with our boys before celebrating the new baby on the way. Peter is almost 5 pounds 4’11 and Maurice is 2′ 12.3. They looked like such big boys.. heathy and growing. I am so excited for them to be part of these everyday moments. I am dreaming of hearing their voices team up with their cousins to bargain for an extra cookie or an extra few minutes before bedtime. It seems so far away… yet at the same time so very very close. I cannot wait for you to meet your “brothers” and all these little people who already love you so much. I missed you today and always my sons. I cannot wait to introduce you to your family .. it will forever be the greatest gift I can ever give to you.

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