Day 49: 7 weeks old



Peter’s beautiful nurse was holding him when I walked into the room… His cheeks looked a little chubbier and his feeding tube is finally out. It’s the first time I have seen my boy’s face without any wires or tubes attached to it. He doesn’t have any tape stuck to him… he’s perfection.

“You better sit down for this one”, she said.. (she was smiling so I knew it was good news).. “Peter is coming home soon. ” We spoke about it yesterday as well.. He has made such progress in the past few days. I was expecting a few more weeks and then hopefully home by the end of the month. I told her we were even planning a little trip with the girls. She laughed and said ..”No, soon like really soon.. Thursday or Friday.” My mouth dropped.. shock.. complete shock. She was surprised too. He amazed all of us when he started bottle feeding and is taking 100% after only a few days. He is ready. I went through months in my head.. little moments of our journey to get here.. how many times I could have lost my boys ..I can’t help but cry knowing what a miracle they are.

My Peter, my baby A, can it really be happening. I knew it yesterday. When I was holding him, it felt different. I felt different. I am more confident with him. I know the cry he makes when he is hungry and the way he moves when he is wet and needs a diaper change. I barely watch his monitor. He’s so very ready. I am so excited to bring you home and introduce you to your sisters and cousins. It’s another beginning for us.. my baby boy how lucky am I.

My Maurice is also doing so well today. I fed him for the first time. He only took 5cc but it was a great start. The most important thing is that he is waking up to eat and seems so much more alert and comfortable. We snuggled for most of the day. He is stronger. He continues with nasal cannula but the plan is to try without it in a few days.

Today they are 7 weeks old but in reality their little bodies still needed to grow inside. Our due date was September 6. I’m so blessed to have you with me for so long already. To the day we are all in the same place at the same time.. my heart is one day closer to being complete ❤️

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