Day 60: Maurice’s First Ride

Our journey has taken a slightly different path… please continue to pray for us as we begin this chapter at a new NICU. Maurice has not sucked on a pacifier or opened his eyes for any more than a few seconds over the past few days. He wouldn’t even open his eyes during his bath yesterday morning. He struggled keeping his oxygen saturation’s above 88 and the alarms will haunt me forever. Yesterday, after our transfer, my baby was wide awake and appeared so comfortable. He is a little chubby and even starting to look like Peter. The doctor said he is presenting as a baby with “mild to moderate chronic lung disease” and only time will tell if we can get him off of respiratory support. Last night he underwent a full workup ( blood gas, chest X-ray, labs) and we will go over our plan today. Thank you to everyone who helped coordinate this transfer so quickly.

Hard to believe you have spent the first two months of your life inside a little plastic box. Mommy will always be here making sure you are safe and receiving the very best care possible. Stay strong my little miracle.

10 thoughts on “Day 60: Maurice’s First Ride

  1. Patricia Escudero says:

    Prayers and more prayers..God, please watch over this little guy, he’s trying so hard to be with his loving family..Please make him stronger.


  2. Justin washington says:

    Come on little man, keep fighting !! I marvel at your spirit through this tough journey , my family is indeed praying for you all.


  3. Anyolina Payano says:

    Sending prayers and tight hugs your way.. Maurice is our hero he will fight and will be well like his brother. Thank you so much you’re an angel 👼 sent to us to share your life experiences. Remember God will always be there for your and your family🙏🏻Angie


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