Day 82: Bottle Feeding with Auntie




After a few days of struggling with bottle feeding again , my little man finished a whole bottle tonight! He weighs 6.1 lbs and even has a few rolls. We have had some things come up on this last blood test.. his white cell count dropped and hemoglobin is down again too from 27 to 26.) His Retic count also decreased from 3 to 2. The organic amino acid urine test is still abnormal. The doctor just wants to watch all of this and doesn’t think it is a reason to be too concerned right now. Decreasing white blood cells can be a sign of infection and if the hematocrit continues to decrease he may need another blood transfusion. I’m concerned..but the doctor is reassuring. He continues to be intermittently tachypnic. The physical therapist also noted some increased tone in his lower extremities and recommend PT or therapy twice a day. There are some very scary neurological issues that can cause increased tone but they are saying it could also be just prematurity so I’m trying to focus on that. We have a lot to follow up on. I just keep praying.

I love being with him at night.. cleaning him.. changing his sheets .. tucking him in ….. and I get to spend the day with my other babies.. but the problem is when I come so late I don’t get to see the doctors. They called me to update but I like to meet them face to face to discuss my concerns. But tonight was special .. my sister was with me and my boy stayed awake longer than he has in a few days. I’m just so proud of him. Β I’ll make sure I’m there to get more information in the morning πŸ’™

2 thoughts on “Day 82: Bottle Feeding with Auntie

  1. Judy landano says:

    You go Maurice !! strong little fighter. He really filled out. Such a handsome little guy. β€œLady in blue see him through” πŸ’™πŸ’™


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