Happy New Year

✨Surrender to what is

✨Let go of what was

✨Have FAITH in what will be

Breathe and believe in the powers from above

so many things in this crazy beautiful life are beyond our control

2019 goals

My Surrender experiment ✨

practicing the balance of when to push and when to let go ..

to live fully the life I have been given And surrender the illusions of control ..

Having to give up always trying to understand and accept not knowing .. to find peace in it all ..

Peace resulting from retraining my mind to process life as it is rather than what I think it should be ..

accepting myself as I am .. feeding my soul and not ego and surrounding myself with those who choose the same ✨

Never in my wildest dreams would I have planned this … and yet somehow it all seems so right.. every step led me to you… made us become us ..

“god knew my heart needed you..”

your heart cannot help but change after you witness miracles ❤️

2018 ✌🏻it’s been real


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Judy landano says:

    Lisa, you did it all. You are so amazing as well as your children and family. Your beautiful miracle boys, your gorgeous girls your wonderful family every step of the way with you. May god bless all with good health and happiness always. I enjoyed every step of the way with your blogs. So amazing. Love you.💝💝


    • miagirlxo says:

      Judy thank you with all my heart!!! You have been so supportive throughout all of it and it truly means everything to us. Xx Sending you all our love ! Hope you are feeling better! Happy new year xoxo


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