Your Beautiful Perfect Heart

Last March at only 17 weeks pregnant I was told my boys were not going to survive. They said Maurice had a devestating brain disease and my “healthy baby” baby A (Peter) had a very bad heart .. along with unhealthy blood flow -abnormal diastolic flow- .. they said his face was distorted and his jaw very small.. in light of the other issues going on ( Peter was 100% larger than Maurice) .. I was advised termination and told Peter would not survive because of his heart condition.. Columbia told me they had a “genetic condition being expressed differently between the two boys”…. they would not even address the twin to twin transfusion syndrome because “I did not have healthy babies and the surgery was only to save healthy babies “. god’s grace we never gave up and found an angel doctor who assured me the boys would be ok.. although Peter was in full heart failure at delivery .. his incredible body has now completely reversed any sign of damage.. his aortic stenosis which was very close to requiring surgery, his left ventricular hypertrophy and his PFO all gone.. nothing.. just a NORMAL PERFECT HEART ❤️ aortic stenosis does not just “go away ” like that … but what they think happened was that the enlarged heart was so significant it made the valve look worse than it really was. His heart had to pump against all the extra blood and fluid for so long . He was the recipient in the transfusion syndrome.. causing his little body to have an overload and his heart muscle having to work much harder than it should have. The extra work caused the muscle to grow. The valve’s malfunction was a direct result of the thickening ( not true aortic stenosis) Now, that his heart doesn’t have to work as hard, the muscle was able to relax and returned to its normal size. The valve also now appears to be working as it should. We are very very lucky.

I cried the happiest tears .. Peter is officially a cardiac graduate !! 💪🏻❤️

Maurice still has a little more to go but he will ok! Soon enough xx how I prayed for this child ❤️ Dr Ruben Quintero with all my heart thank you.. for never giving up on my sons

We flew to Miami and Dr Quintero had set up a meeting with a Cardiologist. i will never forget her voice or what she said.. ” your son is going to be ok…” She explained he had normal variant and it was nothing to be concerned about. I must have asked the same question 100 times and her response was always the same.. he will be ok.

And yesterday I heard those same words again.. he is OK. Normal .. Perfect… it’s impossible to put into words what it felt like.. i know angels are watching.. my incredible miracle babies how I prayed for this day

3 thoughts on “Your Beautiful Perfect Heart

  1. Judy landano says:

    Those beautiiful smiles tell it all. Lisa, you need to write a book on your little miracles. Such an amazing true story this would be. God bless all of you.💝💝💙💙


  2. Anyolina Payano says:

    How incredible 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Thank you Lord for giving you the strength to keep fighting and two warriors the ability to keep going.. thank for sharing your journey 😘I’m Tess auntie and you give me hope and comfort every time I read your status 🙌🙏🏻😘


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