Our 1 year anniversary

This tiny scar ..

how something so small could represent so much❤️

one year ago today I knew something was wrong .. I couldn’t breathe .. I had contractions.. I was in labor.. I went to the hospital .. the ultrasound confirmed ..

it we had TTTS. ..

Peter had so much fluid and was in heart failure ..

Maurice , weighing less than a pound , had nothing and was “stuck. All of his organs were failing as well… we had two choices deliver immediately or fly to Miami to our miracle doctor. If we delivered the boys had a very low chance of survival . They were in so much distress ..

I just remember praying .. so so hard..

That night they gave me drugs to stop my labor and we flew.. the next morning one year ago today I had a life saving surgery by Dr Ruben Quintero. In less than 24 hours peters heart normalized and Maurice’s kidneys began to work. We were able to continue our pregnancy and our boys gained vital time to grow.

It is this little tiny scar .. this permanent mark .. a forever reminder of their strength and our angel Dr Quintero💙💙 #tttssurvivors

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