Breathe and Believe – Your Special Day

Tomorrow we celebrate you my boys💙💙

You be surrounded by so much love.. your God Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends and family.. they will all fill the space with such happiness and joy.. it is such a beautiful feeling. The room becomes radiant.

The day is special for so many reasons..

It is your first party and only 9 days away from your first birthday (you will learn we love a good party and will find any little reason to celebrate)! And this party we get to have alongside Jonathan! The relationship you share with your cousins is indescribable. You will grow together and this is the first of so many milestones. Your auntie is my lifeline.. my very best friend. I pray you and your cousins will always cherish each other like siblings and have the same bond we do.

In a few hours, you will be baptized together. We will officially welcome you into the Catholic religion.  

In my heart, what this truly means to me, is that we are giving you the amazing gift of Faith.  

The gift of Faith gives us a conviction of things not seen..

it allows you to believe even when things don’t make sense.. when you don’t have anything tangible to hold onto.  

You can’t see it, but it is as real to you as if it were visible.  You understand things that defy human logic.  

It allows you to believe in something more powerful than yourself.. to believe in miracles .. 

It is the kind of faith that can provide Devine protection from danger.. the faith that can move mountains.  It is what you call upon when you need prayers from Nannie. It is healing. It is love.  

With this power, your life expectations are transformed … The Bible even says, “All things are possible to him who believes.”

But I find it so ironic.

We are gathering to give you this gift .. this incredible power..

when, in reality..

YOU are already the complete embodiment of it.

You , my beautiful sons, are living miracles.

From the very first moment, I “saw two” .. you shared your gift with me and everyone around you.

You have given me a renewed faith.

I knew you were meant to be here.  When medicine and top experts told us otherwise ….I could see you here with me in my arms

we did not give up.. 

I knew it with every piece of my heart…

You would grow to be strong and healthy.

I believed it.  Your daddy believed it. Even after losing Papou, your guardian angel, he was always a constant strength. He juggled work, setting up offices in our multiple hospital rooms, so he could always be with us. Without hesitation .. your nana and auntie took care of your sisters and gave them so much love so we could fly back and forth getting the best care in the world.  They all supported every decision no matter how crazy it sounded or how much more work it meant they had to do. Your papa even sat by our side everyday in the NICU so I could be strong for you.. thank you will never be enough .. all of you .. it had to come from above.

Angels appeared and helped us along this journey.  Strangers supporting us becoming friends.. Dr Quintero was the first to give us hope… Later.. more Angel healers, like my Joan, would come into our life and give us strength.

We had to trust and believe in things unseen .. choose to take risks no parents should ever have to take.. but we did it all ..because We. JUST. KNEW.

Tomorrow as I watch the priest pour the holy water on your heads and bless you.. as I watch you receive this new gift from the Holy Spirit .. the miracles and wonders of faith ..

the truth is …your own lives ..

from the very first moment you existed ..

is the pure expression of it.

You are FAITH. You are LOVE. You are MIRACLES.

I continue to share your story in hopes that people are inspired as you have inspired me.

My babies, I pray today and always, you truly receive these gifts and that you always believe something incredible is about to happen.  

As we all go along thinking we are planning our life.. remember to try and let go and believe that god’s plan is better than anything you could have ever imagined.  Just breathe and believe.. all things are possible to him who believes!

I love you both so much thank you for the gifts you have given me❤️ May God continue to bless you always

“Every good and perfect gif is from Above” James 1:17

Boys Custom Baptism Outfits:

Photos: Bella Cosa Photography:

2 thoughts on “Breathe and Believe – Your Special Day

  1. Angie Payano says:

    Congratulations on your baptism🙏🏻🙏🏻Im so touched and thankful to you boys & mommy for teaching me not to give up. Your strength is beyond words to describe. Thank you for sharing your life with me. God bless you both always🙏🏻🙏🏻 Angie


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