NICU awareness Month: Our true one year ( sept 6 was our due date )

I dreamed of you growing ..

you were so so small

And dreamed of you breathing ..

without endless tubes plugged into a wall

From there …I prayed

Your heart would keep beating

Our moments together in the NICU always felt so fleeting

Finally you came home …

our life was so complete

Your beautiful sweet sisters and cousins here for you to officially meet

And I began to dream again….

Of the wonderful things you would do

Would you be able to walk, stand or crawl ..

no one could tell us still ..

I dreamed even more … prayed..

And sometimes just wished

That the day would come

When you could walk over to me

and just simply give me a kiss

My incredible darling sweet boys

I can see it now

You are crawling and standing

and it’s all a miracle how ..

How I always saw you in dreams …

It is all coming true

There are no words

Just WOW to all that you do

I believe in miracles..

I have no doubt that they are true

I believe in angels

I know they sent us the wonder and beauty of you

To our angels that saved our life especially Dr Quintero

To our hero’s that supported us along our fight

I know miracles are true my boys because I have you ❤️

To all the mamas in the NICU NEVER LOSE HOPE and to my precious boys I love you more than you could ever know

Peter James 1170 grams twin A ttts recipient 52 days in the NIcU

Maurice Jase 790 grams 28 weeker baby b 93 days in the NICU

28 weekers ( Peter (1170grams)!on the left maurice (790 grams)! on the right

Thank you so much Deana of Bellacosa Photography for these captures I will forever Cherish

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