My girls

My angels .. I’m lying between you..  like I do every night.. listening to our favorite songs holding your hands so tight.. hearing stories of your yesterdays and dreams of your tomorrows .. 

It’s my favorite time of the day.. when all the noise is settled .. 
I’m looking at your faces .. I still see my babies .but you are going to be 6 and 4… Where has the time gone.. I can still feel you ..heart to heart ..rocking in our favorite chair .. how you have grown .. how we have grown .. 
I love how you love .. I love how you laugh girls I love who you are 
Your hearts .. your strength  and kindness.. we had so much change .. together…  my beautiful souls .. you give mommy and daddy such resilience and give everything meaning.  You and your brothers are our world. 
I sing to you never grow up and stay this little .. but .. the truth is my girls.. my greatest joy is watching you grow .. discovering more about .. what makes you YOU.. the little jokes that make you laugh or the songs that make you want to dance.. the way you both giggle when I rub your feet .. watching you make special bonds with friends and how your eyes glow when you learn some thing new..
You make me better than I ever was before 
I thank god I’m yours and you are mine . 
We are blessed my angels . 
So very blessed . 
I can only pray to be the mother for you as mine has always been for me.  
My gifts to you my beautiful baby girls .. 
I wish for you to always love yourselves, others and our world.
I wish for you to live your best life everyday be forever young
 .. laugh often and cry if you need to..
 put your time and energy into the people and things you adore … Find your passion.. what makes your soul ignite..aways work hard but make sure you still play. 
And when you sleep .. like I watch you do each night .. dream the most beautiful dreams .. and when you wake up never forget how I tell you ..I can see your heart shining.. it’s your glow.. it’s your magic .. you are so bright my babies .
I wish for for you to know and always appreciate each other .. your sister and your brothers will forever be the greatest gift daddy and I could ever give you.  Always love each other unconditionally. 
I wish for you to live happy .. to seek adventure.. journey our beautiful world and be brave… to always dance and be playful  .. to never stop questioning why the sky is blue and the grass is green  .. to always see the glass half full make sure you take time to breathe and connect .. to learn how to make your heart still when you need to ..  to have faith, strength .. grace. To be patient and appreciative .. to be kind to all people big and small.  Be honest , have empathy and values.
I wish that you know true love and friendship  .. the love that makes you feel like anything is possible .. and friendship that makes you know that you are never alone .. the love that conquers all .. the love mommy and daddy have for all our babies and for each other . unconditional .. forgiving .. crazy .. beautiful love.
I wish for you to always know how proud we are of you. We will always stand by you and always support you.  We will always be stronger together.  We have the Incredible power of love and each other
My girls you gave me the greatest gift ..our bond is forever .. I promise to always see your gifts and to do everything possible to make this life everything you could ever dream of. 
I never truly understood the love of a mother and daughter until you.
I thank god Everyday for the selfless soul connection built on laughter friendship and love I have , not only with you, but with my mommy too❤️.  I pray to give you all she has always given me❤️

I love you mama

And I adore you my beautiful baby girls

My girls someday you will truly understand.. you will hold a little hand..

I’m your biggest fan I hope you know I am but can you somehow slowdown .. maybe just a little ❤️

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