Disney Hotels

Beach Club Resort at Walt Disney World


The Beach Club is located on Crescent Lake and within walking distance from Epcot, a quick boat ride to Hollywood Studios and a stroll to the Boardwalk which hosts tons of fun activities. The view is beautiful and so are the restaurants. There is tons of shopping, entertainment, and night life. The Swan and Dolphin resorts are also on the lake, offering even more dining options. You can also walk to Epcot and take the Skyliner to Hollywood Studios.

2. Pro – Two sets of amenities

Between the Yacht and Beach Clubs, guests have a great variety of table service options for dining. The Beach Club offers Beaches and Cream, an old-fashioned soda shop where you can get juicy burgers and creative ice-cream concoctions, and Cape May Café, a casual buffet experience with character dining at breakfast ( my favorite) and a clam bake for dinner. Next door, the Yacht Club offers some more formal options with Ale and Compass and the Yachtsman Steakhouse, which is touted by many as the best steakhouse on Disney property.

3. Pro and Con– Stormalong Bay – one of the best pools on property!

3 acres

Stormalong Bay is Really, Really Big!

Stormalong Bay features 3 acres of aquatic activities! To give you an idea of how big that is, a football field is about 1.3 acres! Close to 800,000 gallons of water fill the entire area. That is a lot of water and a lot of fun! Although it is incredible and the sandy beach like area is so fun for kids .. the water slides make it almost impossible to supervise children of different ages. The large water slide expands through the public walkway. To get onto the slide you must go through the gate out of the beach club property .. walk across the public walkway and then renter on the other side. It crosses a very pubic path. The area is also filled with curves and hills and you cannot have it all in your sight at once. Strollers also become almost impossible to navigate. Here we always have to divide and conquer .. someone with the little ones while the other goes on the slide with the bigs. It’s beautiful and we love it but the public walkway is really a concern to me.

I would love to hear about your favorite resort and why! Location is so important but would also like a big fun pool area that is easy to navigate!

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