There is so much to do with little ones in Epcot! It’s one of our favorites for so many reasons. It’s spread out and a little bit more difficult because the big rides book up quickly and your day usually has to be planned around the rides you don’t want to miss. For this park ( and all of them) I recommend genie plus. At 7 am you can make your selection for the day. Some of the big rides close out after a certain time so you could miss them if you don’t pre plan. Soarin , Frozen and Ratatouille are the big ones here my kids love! Guardians of the galaxy is a new rollercoaster and works differently. It’s a virtual que you do when you enter the park in the morning and again have the option to do at 1:00. You can also pay extra to get on it. If you like rollercoasters this is the ultimate!

Again I always recommend getting there early because you can do so much before the park opens and still have your entire day to relax and then do pjs and come back for fireworks.

We head to the back left and do Nemo , Turtle Talk, and check out the aquarium all air conditioning for the little ones and they all love it.

There is character dining over there Garden Grill where you can meet chip and dale. Many people love it but it’s not my favorite and with so many great quick service dining options in Epcot I would say safe to skip. Where we go next usually depends on what lightening lane genie times we were able to book it we always make sure we see Anna and Elsa and do the frozen ride in Norway! My favorite princess dining Arksus is coming back and I wouldn’t miss that if you can!!

Also Ratatouille in France is a virtual reality really fun three d ride! Test track and soarin are always favorites!

Please if anyone has tips or ticks I would love to hear them! I love Disney and it can be so incredible when you know where you are going and ways around the craziness!

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