Let’s Do Disney!

Disney is truly the most magical place on earth but it takes some planning, patience and pixie dust to get you though the day.. especially when traveling with a lot of young children.

I’ve learned some tricks and tips and many people have asked so I wanted to share and write them all down so I don’t forget!

Here is your one day Magic Kingdom itinerary ! I think MK is the ultimate must do.. I always go first when everyone is fresh! It’s a whole day park.. there’s so much to see and it’s always everyone’s favorite! Down time is so important to help avoid meltdowns! Know your babies and their limits to help keep the magic alive. The best way to do magic and see everything is to do it in two days or to make sure you start early. Midday the sun is hot and lines are very long. If you start at 7:45-8:00 you can get on most rides by noon! Our kids start their day at 6:30 and are always wide awake. Have cereal in the room for a quick breakfast and be ready to go so you can enjoy pool and some down time! My favorite character breakfast is cape may cafe and we will usually do that on a day when we planning pool time first and park later at night.

Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours. These are extended theme park hours available to Disney World Resort hotel guests and some non-Disney hotel guests. On certain days of the week, guests can enter a park one hour earlier or stay in a park up to two hours later than normal park operating hours. The goal is to be here for 8:00. Or MK Walk in and go past the castle to the right over the bridge Fantasyland.

We start on 1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant ( no height requirement and adults can ride) .. then go right to 2. Barnstormer ( small rollercoaster Height: 35in / 89cm ) behind it. Right after that head to 3. Ariel ride under the sea and then 4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ( must be 38 in another small rollercoaster.). If you are there early enough you should be able to get on with little wait as part of early entry or you can pay for the Lightning Lane. And right across from it is 5. Winnie the Pooh. 6. Small world (*** Peter Pan is right here as well and always has the longest wait.. if you want to do I recommend genie plus )

The Parades/ Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade usually start around 12 so by now you should be able to catch one as you walk back around the castle to the other side of the park. Crystal palace is a great place for king and to meet Pooh tigger piglet and eaor or do a mobile order quick service or even have something packed. In my opinion it’s best to get on the rides in the morning because the sun is not too hot and the lines are much shorter. If you could avoid a sit down meal and everyone is still on board keep going! The next part of the park is more for the older kids. We head to Frontierland and start the Mountains! 7. Thunder mountain 40 inches height 8. Splash mountain height requirements of 40 inches .. the babies are too small for these rides. Directly across is Tom Sawyer Island Boat ride which takes you to a little play area for the little ones and is a great way to entertain them while the bigs are in the rollercoaster. There is also an ice cream stand right there as well! Country Bear Jamboree is a cute show too close by but we usually skip it!

Head over to Adventureland next and do the 9. magic carpet ride ( similar to Dumbo) not usually a long wait. And check out the 10. pirates of the Caribbean 11. Jungle cruise **** long wait use genie plus and if you are still going strong 11. Enchanted Tiki Room ( air conditioned show) and right before you leave that section in Liberty square is 12. haunted mansion.

If it’s an option I would suggest calling it at this point going back to the room pool shower nap rest eat and come back fresh for Tomorrow land and fireworks! Or I like to do one whole pool day and just Tomorrowland and fireworks at night.

My favorites for tomorrow land 1. Space mountain you cannot miss but height requirement it’s still my favorite rollercoaster and there is always a wait so use a pass for this! Park your stroller there is a great snack / quick service restaurant there and enjoy !· 2. Buzz Lightyear’s – 3. Spin ( it’s a laser game all ages very fun) · and Monsters, Inc. Laugh air conditioned show for all ages. There is also speedway a car track ride for all ages and a high flying carousel which we usually skip . It’s close to the fireworks so it’s a great section to do last grab a few snacks and get a good spot for fireworks.

Some tips :

If you need a stroller rent the Disney ones. It’s such an easy process and by far the best stroller I have ever used! We take our Zoe double for the twins / airport and rent the Disney double for the older ones. You can do right when you walk in the park to the left and you keep the receipt if you do for multiple days so you can easily rent in other parks. Pack a backpack with bandaids , Benadryl , children Motrin, Advil . Ponchos extra clothes extra ponchos( to cover the stroller if it rains) , light up necklaces from the dollar store to make it easier to find everyone in the dark , filled yetis , autograph book, snacks and a few things to keep everyone busy while you wait for fireworks, sunscreen.. wipes, hand sanitizer , hair Scrunchie. Portable charger .. I’m sure there are a million other things but this is a quick list!

Please comment if anyone has great tips or tricks!! Also I recommend a Disney travel planner . You do not pay any extra and they can help you with so many things!! My cousin Lauren is fantastic @ivegotthemousekatools

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