Our Birth Story

June 19, 2018

28 weeks and 5 days

We had a great report after the surgery on Friday. There was no evidence of ttts. This morning, only 4 days later, my sons were back to stage 3 ttts. Baby b had no bladder and changed heart Doppler’s as well as no fluid. Once again he was stuck. Baby A had increased fluid at 8. They had to be delivered with an emergency c section. We have spent 28 weeks and 5 days doing everything we could to help save our boys. Today, I had to accept that there was thing more I could do.. no magic surgery or fetal expert.. they will have a better chance of survival if delivered. We were able to get over the 28 week mark which is critical in their development . They have a long road ahead but they are strong fighters just like the men they are named after.. they each cried when they came out which is a very good sign. I’m proud to say I’m the mother of 2 amazing little boys. Peter and Maurice and I cannot wait to hold you in my arms. My heart beat to yours .. Today I was able to hold Peter hand and having those tiny fingers wrapped around mine was a feeling I will never forget. Please continue sending your thoughts and prayers and know they are so appreciated.

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