Day 30: Happy One Month



Maurice off of CPAP



Peter mini and mighty!


Happy one month to my beautiful baby boys and happy birthday to daddy! A day of celebration.. both boys gained 30 grams last night. Peter weighs 3 lbs 12.5 oz and Maurice is 2lbs 4.7 oz. Maurice has been off of CPAP since this morning and is doing so well! When we tried 2 weeks ago he was not able to breathe and we had to put it back on it after only a few hours. Today, his heart rate and respiratory rate are normal with only minimal support called “high flow.” He no longer needs all the head gear and this is much more comfortable. It also means I get to see Maurice’s face which is still so new to me. His eyes are swollen from all the pressure of the mask but that should resolve soon. It’s like meeting him for the first time all over again! The highlight of my day was of course holding them together… Feeling them against my skin and watching them hold each other’s hand. It’s just magical. The bond they share is unbreakable.

Tomorrow we start changing to formula .. the doctors need to know the exact amount of calories the boys are getting and in breast milk they cannot measure it accurately. They said donor milk is available for 30 days of life and today is the last day. They will still get whatever I can supply but it will now be supplemented with formula. I’m not crazy about this, but I understand how important growth is for them right now. They are keeping Maurice on 26 calories and Peter on 24 calories. The goal is to also try to decrease Maurice’s feeding time ( he’s still on 60 min) but first they want to make sure he can tolerate the formula.

They also have plans to meet with physical therapy for an assessment. I was told this is routine for very premature babies like Peter and Maurice. They work with parents and staff to promote comfort and good positioning. They also help track development and help with developing motor, cognitive and sensory skills.

Today was just as perfect as it could be. I walked in not knowing what to expect.. only a few days ago I watched as Maurice had blood transfused into him.. worrying about his every breath.. and here we are 48 hours later .. requiring less respiratory support and growing strong! My boys make me so proud everyday! I’m so thankful to their nurse who helped them make a beautiful card for their daddy. She has become a dear friend to me. We still have some mountains to climb… but we are getting there. I know we will have many more good days but also some that are not so good. Sometimes, when life is bitter .. you say thank you and GROW.. and sometimes when life is so so sweet , you say thank you and CELEBRATE! Today we celebrate !

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