Day 38: My Perfect Gift








Maurice on the left


“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

Thank you to our angels for our gifts. Peter responded well to his blood transfusion. He weighs 2050 grams but some of that is likely extra fluid. He is nice and pink and we are trialing an open crib again and hopefully he will be back on nasal cannula by late afternoon.

Maurice weighs today what Peter weighed at birth 1170 grams. He is breathing better with the little increase in high flow pressure. He has occasional tachypnea ( breathing fast) but the doctors are just watching him. He seems much more comfortable today. His blood test showed his blood cells are normal. We may do a chest X-ray later if needed but he looks so good.

Every prayer, call, text and comment helps me more than words could say. I am so humbled by the support we have received.  I know my boys can feel this love.  To the earth angels that continue to hold my hand through this journey .. I am forever grateful.

Today we played dress up and I even got to decorate Peter’s crib. My heart is so full… it’s a good day.

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