Day 41: Baby Smiles



A smile is the best medicine in the world.

Maurice has been tachypneaic and tachycardic again ( breathing fast and a fast heart rate). He had blood work which showed a low hematocrit (10.1/28.6). He already had a blood transfusion on July 16 and they think he needs it again. Usually babies get transfused when their hematocrit drops below 30. We were able to decrease his high flow back to 3 and it didn’t make much of a difference. After rounds we agreed to trial him off of caffeine first, but I think we are going to need the transfusion in the morning.  Sleeping without him close is hard tonight. Peter tried to help out and gave me some good baby smiles. He also finished his first full bottle. I’m lying in bed and can’t stop looking at their pictures … made a little video … wait for the end .. Peter knew just what his mommy needed!


When to give preterm babies a blood transfusion

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