World prematurity day

I believe in miracles because of you my sons❤️

From the first few weeks we were told it was “unlikely we would have two healthy babies..”
Our first mfm told us there was nothing we could do but sit and wait ..
We found a new doctor..

the next Mfm group told us we should “ just start fresh” and that Maurice would never live a “normal life”.. that Peter had a severe heart condition.. that his jaw was malformed .. Maurice had a brain condition.. even more so told us that Maurice was “hanging off the placenta “ and was 90% smaller than Peter.. the first option was “selective termination” basically trying to convince me that continuing with Maurice was putting Peter at risk ..
they were given no chance .. I was told
when I started to developer symptoms of twin to twin transfusion syndrome that “ we don’t operate on unhealthy babies…”

I prayed .. We found a new doctor ..
I found Mary .. the TTTS foundation and Dr Ruben Quintero .. from the moment I heard his voice I knew he could help us .. he didn’t promise a miracle but offered hope and genuinely cared about me and my babies .

We went to Miami to the fetal institute to see Dr Quintero .. once .. hope .. twice .. more hope .. then. I went into labor.. I was barely 26 weeks the boys were in severe distress from TTTS .. I took meds to stop contractions and flew back to Florida ..Dr Quintero performed fetal surgery and separated the connecting blood vessels between the boys while they were still inside my belly . When he tried to separate them he found their connecting vessels were so big .. that if he was to do the usual surgery they both would have not made it. He also explained that if I would have chose selective termination ,as advised early in the pregnancy, I would have lost both my sons. He performed a Supra selective procedure and had to balance their blood flow instead of fully separating it.. it’s a rare occurrence.. but we were lucky enough to be in the hands of an angel.

Right after the surgery the TTTs started reversing.. we were able to make it back home and continue the pregnancy until 28 weeks.

It was then that our next journey started .. the Boys were not just small and early but they also had residual effects of twin to twin transfusion syndrome .. both of my sons were born in heart failure and kidney failure ..

All we could do was pray .. the Niuc is an endless rollercoaster of good days and bad days .. the bad days are so so bad .. to watch your baby suffer .. to not be able to be a mother .. to leave them there .. it was the hardest experience I have ever had ..
but through this .. you are transformed ..
You get to see with different eyes
Your child breathing
Your baby eating
The most mundane things become renewed into something surreal .. something magical ..

When I look at the pictures .. I can still feel the cold chair .. still hear the endless beeping .. every time I smell hand sanitizer I’m transported back …

And now I look at them ..
I look at how perfect and how beautiful they are .. and I can look at this journey in a new way .. I can appreciate the renewed vision of life it’s given us .. and above all the power to believe in miracles.

We are so blessed to be where we are today.
This day I send my thoughts and prayers to those who have lost their babies to TTTS and prematurity ❤️

Thank you to Dr Ruben Quintero our hero
I share my story because There may be someone who needs to hear it … my sons were saved because of others sharing their story with me
Especially Yvonne and Jennifer and I never would have made it through the NICU without you Devan ❤️

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