Giving Back .. Sharing Hope

This is Peter & Maurice .. my TTTS survivors .. my miracle babies .. I know that they are here because of faith ..prayers and of course..Dr. Quintero.

From the moment I held them in my arms, I knew they were going to incredible things in this world!

All of us have babies that have beat the odds🙏🏻❤️

All of us have witnessed miracles.
We are connected.
Together we can do such incredible things .. inspired by our babies.

My intention is to get our stories in one place. A book.. a book that will donate ALL profits to benefit Dr. Quintero’s foundation .. and provide financial assistance to any families who need help to pay for the cost of his procedures or care.

It will be a collection of stories as told by the parents. As told by us… the stories will spread awareness and celebrate our babies. It will also highlight Dr Quintero .. explain why not all MFMs are created equal.

It was other mothers that encouraged me to go to Dr. Quintero. Seeing the faces of their survivors and hearing their stories. We can change the lives of so many.. and give back to the man that has changed ours.

This is my passion project .. my dream .. knowing we can help even one mother turns our babies stories from struggle to hero ❤️


I invite you to write your story.. as a stream of consciousness .. no attention to grammar or spelling .. don’t think about it just put pen to paper or start typing and your heart will start talking .. when the heart talks .. it connects
Your heart has its own language it will come from that place .. your soul..

I want our stories to come from there .. I’m not a writer .. I’m a physician assistant.. and now mom of 4❤️ but I know my boys and their story is powerful and Can help others.

I see this book doing amazing things .. thank you so much for taking the time to share with me and to help support Dr.Quintero

Please invite any other families who you know that may be interested in participating 🙏🏻

Email me at

And join my Facebook group called Quintero’s miracles if you would like to be a part

2 thoughts on “Giving Back .. Sharing Hope

  1. Judy landano says:

    It’s so amazing what you have done to come this far. Your miracle babies are beautiful and healthy. I follow your FB and so nice to see them grow. Such a true miracle. 💝💝


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