Read to your baby in the NICU

Read to your baby in the NICU,
It’s what the people in white coats say to do.

Let them hear your the sound of your voice
Let them know that it’s you.

Your mommy is here,
My precious sweet love.

I pray the sound of my words gives some comfort and reminds you of the power from above.

It’s nothing like we pictured.
A hospital room is not meant to be home.

But know I’m here beside you
In this NICU You will never be alone.

Though my arms are not always around you tight my heart lives in yours.
I am with you everyday and each night

If we are here ..
or a million miles apart
We will forever be connected
Unbreakable by the heart.

I’m standing right beside you
Feeling helpless,
there is not much else I can do.

I’m going to listen to their advice.
Read this book with faith
and hope it’s the right thing for you

We will drown out the beeps of the boxes and endless hum of the machines..

Please Listen to nothing else.
Just focus on my voice.

Today I promise you something,
I’m going to make a very special choice.

If I’m standing next to the plastic box or holding you skin to skin,
Let’s close our eyes together and and believe
There is no other option but to win!

I choose to see you as you will one day be.
I will do everything to focus on that image
and only listen to my soul speaking to me.

The mask, wires and tubes are just a disguise
I know that what I look into your eyes …

You are going to be so strong.
Everyone who loves you
believes in you
We all can’t help but agree.

It tells me to see you so incredible,
healthy and free

One day you will
breathe on your own
you will eat without tubes
sleep in a crib.

One day you will know your family.
You will know how much they love you

You will know the warmth of the sun in place of this phototherapy light
You will know the feeling of sand between your toes and forget the IV needle in your feet
You will breath fresh spring air without a CPAP machine
Your heart will beat strong without caffeine and medication pumping it along.

One day your tiny fingers will paint a masterpiece
And your faint cry grow to sing beautiful songs.

One day those small legs will dance on the most beautiful stage or score the best winning goal.

Maybe you will be a doctor and practice what has healed you …
Maybe an astronaut
but it know it doesn’t matter
whatever you love to do

You will find it .. or sometimes it just finds you!

The greatest gift I’ve been given is to watch you grow
You are a miracle from head to tiny toes

We will make this promise our anthem
I’ll speak it out loud everyday and make the words true

We will see the miracle
In Every single tiny thing you do

We will celebrate them all
no matter how small
And when we need them they will be there to help bring faith
and lift us when we fall

While we are here
I promise to be brave.

I’ll find my strength in you.

Mini and mighty
Promise me You will keep fighting
and I promise I will too

The power to see miracles .. not many get
To have this gift.
But this journey makes it so clear
There is a reason you are here

I’ll read to you my baby
Every day and night
Soon enough next to me in bed
while holding you so tight

We will make this promise our anthem
I’ll Speak the words out loud
and make them true

We will always see the miracles
In every single tiny thing you do

Here they will live a book of your miracles
It will be a reminder
Of how far you have come
And help heal us on the hardest days
And be a reason to celebrate on the greatest ones.

With faith and love all things are possible.

I love you ,

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